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Brand Media Coalition

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Founded: 2019

Unique Selling Benefits

Unlike other gifting, incentive, and recognition resources that focus on products and gift cards, the Brand Media Coalition and its new media guide focus on telling the story of brands so that reward and gift buyers can more carefully and strategically select brands to tell their own stories. Only the Brand Media Guide includes:

  • The story of each participating brand, gift card, and master fulfillment to better understand it through its history and people.
  • The personality of the brand to help ensure it aligns with your company’s personality.
  • Its general demographics.
  • How its products can be customized and personalized or used in experiences.

Referral Partner Program

Each participating brand, gift card, and master fulfillment company offers commissions, discounts, or other compensation for independent advisors.

BMC also has a referral program for individuals who assist with the sale of Brand Media storefronts. See below for details.

Types of Organizations Served

The companies participating in the Brand Media Coalition are some of the most famous brands and work through wholesalers eager to provide corporate discounts as well as enhanced services to qualified organizations.

Skills/Knowledge Required

The proper use of brands in any type of incentive, recognition, loyalty, promotion or gifting programs requires:

  • Knowledge of program design in incentive, recognition, loyalty and promotions based on science. The vast majority of current programs overlook key design factors because there is almost no education provided in the field outside of the trade associations and corporate sales, marketing, and human resources execs generally do not seek out expertise on program design.
  • An understanding of the role of brands in rewards, recognition and gifting.
  • An understanding of your own brand and the stories of others to find more effective fits to enhance your own brand.

For this purpose, the Brand Media Coalition offers the following information related to Brand Media:

E-Book: Is Your Brand Powerful Enough to Motivate and Inspire 

The Untapped Power of the New Brand Media

The Art and Science of Rewards and Recognition

The Brand Media Guide–the first ever guide to the stories, personalities, demographics of the world’s leading brands active in the incentive, recognition, loyalty, promotional, and business gift fields.


Questions to Ask in the Discovery Process

The most effective campaigns using brands require:

An understanding of what the organization is trying to accomplish.

Why are they using non-cash rewards and gifts?

How do people qualify for the gifts and rewards?

What has the organization done in the past with regards to using non-cash rewards?

What are the characteristic of the audience in terms of demographics or other factors?

How will it measure results?

Support Tools

The Brand Media Coalition provides a complete library of information on program design planning, the impact of brands, as well as a growing library of brand stories and where to source them from expert master fulfillment companies with the expertise to enhance the reward experience.

Click here for the library.

Click here for Brand Media Guide to learn the stories of a growing number of leading brands.

Referral Fee Structure

Anyone in business can apply to become a Brand Media Specialist at no charge, entitling you to receive information and updates on special offers from leading brands, gift card companies, and master fulfillment companies.

The Brand Media Coalition offers 5% of the sale for a simple personal email referral introduction that results in a sale of a Brand Media storefront. This email must consist of a direct connect to the prospect copied to Bruce Bolger, contact information below. 10% is offered to those who participate in the introductory presentation; and more for those who get involved with actively closing the sale, subject to mutual agreement.

Renewals. For second-year renewals, the finders fee is 50% of the first year’s fee, unless otherwise agreed. Multi-year agreements are available subject to agreement.

There is also a finder’s fee program for the BMC’s parent organization, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. Click here for details.


Bruce Bolger

Managing Director, Brand Media Coalition

914-591-7600, ext. 230;