About the Enterprise Engagement Advisors Network

The Enterprise Engagement Advisors Network is for anyone in business who seeks to help organizations succeed through a strategic and systematic approach to stakeholder engagement—including employees, customers, distribution partners, vendors, communities, investors, and even regulators when applicable.

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What’s New

Enterprise Engagement breaks down the siloes that have systematically hampered efforts to improve customer or employee engagement scores nationally for over a decade or more.

It uses the same strategic and systematic approach to people engagement that ISO (International Organization for Standardization) brought to quality, safety, and 60 other ISO standards.

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Who’s Welcome

True to its name, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance is open to anyone in general management, sales, marketing, human resources, operations, finance, in private and public enterprises, and not-for-profit and government organizations of any type, bringing any type of well-meaning, scientifically based solutions to any type of engagement issue, strategic or tactical involving either a single audience or the entire enterprise. No ISO or any other certifications required.

While the Enterprise Engagement Advisors Network endorses a strategic and systematic approach to engagement across the enterprise consistent with the approach of the International Organization for Standardization (known as ISO for the word same in Latin), ISO standards leave open a complete range of solutions and approaches, as demonstrated by the fields of quality and safety management which have prospered as a result of ISO standards, and at most cost only about $150 to purchase from ISO.

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Benefits to the EEXAdvisors.com Program

The benefits are free or low-cost access to all the information or tools you need to bring to your organization or clients to help them start testing a strategic and systematic approach to achieving goals through people. Free benefits include:

  • A comprehensive, regularly updated primer on all aspects of Enterprise Engagement and resources.
  • One free class in the Certified Practitioner three-class courses on the basics of the field and of different ISO human capital standards, which includes preparation for the Certified Practitioner and ISO professional certification exams.
  • Discounts on education from a growing number of learning and certification programs representing all areas of engagement.
  • Special offers from a growing number of engagement solution providers across the full spectrum of the field.
  • Discounts and referral fees from a growing number of participating solution providers aimed at independent consultants and solution providers who through their discovery process identifies a specific need they cannot address.

Benefits to Full Enterprise Engagement Alliance Membership

  • Eligibility and preparation for the Certified Practitioner and ISO 10018 and other ISO professional certifications for auditors and developers.
  • Free participation in the monthly training webinar training programs Enterprise Engagement and other Certified Practitioner courses and quarterly programs for ISO professional certifications.
  • A listing in the Enterprise Engagement Advisors Directory of Practitioners or Solution Providers.
  • Discounts on all EEA education offerings, including all benefits of the Enterprise Engagement Advisors Network.

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