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Transcend Engagement

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Founded: 2016

Unique Selling Benefits

Transcend Engagement provides a complete suite of employee engagement advisory services, performance management, and management-employee relationship management, along with an employee engagement platform.

The Transcend Engagement SaaS-based platform is designed to make it easy for organizations to provide a complete a la carte suite of engagement solutions designed to engage, equip, and inspire employees, including:

  • Communication to regularly update the team on critical information.
  • Surveys to monitor and act upon employee sentiment.
  • Feedback systems making it easy for employees to contribute constructive ideas.
  • Recognition to promote and support organizational values and goals, not simply length of service.
  • Social connection to develop team spirit.
  • Supervisor relationships—identifying and addressing the effectiveness of managers.
  • Employee development—creating feedback loops with an emphasis on skill development.
  • Analytics—the ability to track and compare employee involvement and program effectiveness.

The platform supports rewards and recognition, company stores, and surprise-and-delight programs using tangible rewards to further enhance emotional connections.

Transcend Engagement provides advisory, coaching, and evaluation services in:

  • Employee Development
  • Employee Relationship Management
  • Performance Management
  • Recognition Programs

Types of Organizations Served

Transcend can assist organizations of any type seeking to engagement employees or other audiences of 100 or more people.

Skills/Knowledge Required

A sales representative of our services should have a basic understanding of the tools organizations use to engage employees or other key stakeholders, including incentives, recognition, coaching, professional development, or leadership training.

Questions to Ask in the Discovery Process

  • Does the company have a formal human capital management plan with metrics used to run its business?
  • Does the company have turnover or other types of engagement challenges and, if so, what are the general causes?
  • Does the company have a formal plan to promote its culture or to enhance relationships between managers and employees?

Referral Fee Structure

Transcend Engagement providers commissions and finders’ fees for independent sales people based on their level of involvement.


Bob Randall, Founder

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