Company Website: https://www.takpoints.com/

Founded: 2018

Unique Selling Benefits

Tak is a mobile employee engagement platform designed specifically for healthcare but applicable to any small- to medium-sized business. Tak is built on three principles…Recognize, Reward, Retain.  Employees recognize each other and say thank you for help, teamwork, and friendship, and specific actions that help achieve organizational goals in a measurable way.

  • The concept behind Tak is to provide a high level of actionable analytics to help organizations promote the behaviors that lead to results.
  • Data is captured and analyzed to provide insights on how to improve engagement and improve employee retention and satisfaction.
  • Dashboards provide transparency into employee activities, peer-to-peer recognition, and engagement, which can be sorted by whatever demographic information is provided to ensure diversity inclusion. Dashboard alerts provide an opportunity for managers to engage employees early before engagement drops.
  • Built-in daily mood survey sortable by employee group.
  • Data integrates with employee evaluation platforms to improve employee feedback and shorten review periods.
  • Minimal set-up and hosting fees based on bandwidth requirements, not per-seat charges.
  • Fully integrated rewards platform offering leading brands, gift cards, or local special offers.

The Benefits—Reduced Turnover

Combined with a properly designed program, the technology helped a hospital reduce a turnover rate of 21% to 16% among about 200 nurses, which was costing it over $1 million a year. The program contributed to a 10% increase om employee engagement scores, and  4 star CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) rating, up from 3 stars previously. It improved its Leapfrog Group rating to an ‘A’ grade rating from a ‘C’.

Types of Organizations Served

Tak is focused on the health care industry because of experience but the application can be used in any type of small- to-medium size business.

Skills/Knowledge Required

Sales representatives can benefit by having a basic understanding of employee engagement principle, including rewards and recognition. There is no need for any technical expertise related to the technology, because the platform is designed to be used by any employee with access to a smart phone.

Questions to Ask in the Discovery Process

  • Does the company already have an employee engagement technology?
  • Is it satisfied with the level of engagement in the platform?
  • Does the company have challenges related to employee engagement or retention?
  • Is the organization seeking a technology or other solution to address this issue?
  • Are there any other people challenges?

Referral Fee Structure

Takpoints pays a commission or referral fee based on the sales representative’s level of involving in closing and managing the account.


Gary Abram

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