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Luxe Incentives

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Founded: 1991

Unique Selling Benefits

Luxe Incentives is a WBENC business focusing on helping organizations achieve key goals by fostering the proactive involvement of sales and non-sales employees, distribution partners, and B2B customers.

Luxe brings together the power of Enterprise Engagement technology and one-to-one motivational events to help organizations achieve their goals by aligning the levers of engagement necessary to translate engagement into action.

Through its affiliation with the Engagement Agency, a leading provider of return-on-investment-based program design; human capital management reporting, and managed outsource of engagement solutions, Luxe can bring clients the latest in effective program, design, implementation, and measurement, as well as provide access to the most effective measurement, reporting, communications, learning, loyalty, and other platforms to support client needs in an integrated fashion. Its engagement division draws upon world experts in process design and measurement and helps organizations select the right engagement technology for their needs.

The travel department of Luxe is known for its ability to provide once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences that most people cannot arrange on their own. The company’s bespoke approach enables clients to weave their communications and other objectives into experiences that create long-lasting emotional bonds.

Referral Partner Program

Luxe Incentives works with independent representatives in different parts of the US seeking to bring full-service travel or engagement solutions to clients.

Finders fees are provided for basic referrals if they turn into sales and are paid annually as long as the companies remain a client. A higher commission is paid to independent representatives able to close sales and manage clients on an ongoing basis.

Types of Organizations Served

Luxe Incentives’ travel division works with some of the world’s largest organizations and creates bespoke experiences for business groups of all sizes. Its engagement advisory and technology business can support mid-size to large organizations.

Skills/Knowledge Required

Independent sales executives who represent Luxe Incentives have a basic understanding of the motivational events business; incentive, recognition, and engagement practices, and the use of engagement technology.

Questions to Ask in the Discovery Process

  • What goals is the organization trying to achieve and what is the return-on-investment of achieving those goals?
  • Define the audiences and type of engagement tactics necessary for success?
  • What is the organization’s current process of engaging people? What has worked? What hasn’t worked?
  • Does the organization have an engagement technology to manage stakeholder engagement; i.e., communications, rewards, recognition, performance management?
  • Does the organization have a focus on sustainability and/or publish a human capital report?

Support Tools

Luxe provides sales and marketing support, including complete assistance with sales calls, presentations, proposals, and followup.


Jacque Busby
Chief Incentive Strategist/Founder
Luxe Incentives