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Lower My Show Costs

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Unique Selling Benefits

  • Lower My Show Costs focuses specifically on using a strategic and systematic approach to trade show strategies and exhibit design to maximize the return-on-investment and minimize the costs.
  • We have decades of experience managing exhibition strategies and exhibit product for literally hundreds of events.
  • We have created some of the most eye-catching, low-cost, light-weight exhibit materials to maximize impact and minimize drayage costs.
  • We have deep relationships across the marketplace to help apply a strategic and systematic approach to trade show management and return-on-investment measurement.

Referral Partner Program

Lower My Show Costs welcomes referrals from engagement and other advisors whose clients need any type of exhibition marketing, measurement, or production solution.

Types of Organizations Served

We have served exhibitors, associations, trade show exhibitions–anyone involved with trade show marketing, measurement and exhibit product.

Skills/Knowledge Required

To understand the full breadth of our capabilities and offers requires some knowledge of the issues involved with exhibition management, marketing, return-on-investment, and production.

Questions to Ask in the Discovery Process

What are you trying to accomplish with the trade show strategy?

How will you measure success?

What type of audience is it and what is the format of the event–education versus show-floor time?

Does the audience pay to attend, is it free, or is it hosted?

What is the venue, size of exhibit and potential constraints or cost challenges?

Does the organization already have a clear trade show strategy, budget, exhibit materials, or is this a new strategy for the organization?

Support Tools

We are experts at providing visualizations of all of our concepts so that prospective clients do not have to imagine the types of results we can provide.

Referral Fee Structure

We offer commissions or referral fees depending on the nature of the opportunity.


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