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Founded: 2018

Unique Selling Benefits

The ICEE ISO standards learning and certification program was created by Dr. Ron B. McKinley and Lee S. Webster, who were the founders of the first working group for human resources standards at the International Organization for Standardization, so there are no people more qualified to manage the education and certification program for these ISO standards, which include:

ISO 10018 quality people management standards.

ISO 30414 human capital reporting.

ISO 30409 knowledge management.

ISO 30405 recruitment.

ISO 10667 assessment.

Referral Partner Program

Professionals and organizations that become certified in any of the ISO standards can benefit from numerous ways to generate fees, including:

  • Examinations for ISO professional certification applicants.
  • Audits for ISO employer or solution provider applicants.
  • Development of ISO certifiable processes.  (Note, the individual who develops an ISO compliant process cannot audit it, and vice versa.)

Types of Organizations Served

ISO certifications and standards apply to almost any type of organization: for profit, not-for-profit, government, institution, etc., i.e., any organization whose performance and stakeholder experiences can be improved by the application of a systematic and strategic approach.

Skills/Knowledge Required

To become ISO certified, professionals must have at least three years management experience in any area of business or other organizations, preferably in the field in which they are being certified, as well as least a Bachelor of Arts or equivalent from a recognized higher-education institution.

In addition to demonstrating practical experience and providing references, ISO certification requires a live webinar exam that is recorded as well as a written exam based on a case study.

ICEE provides an education program to support each standard to help applicants prepare, as well as an entry-level Certified Practitioner level for those just beginning their professional careers in these areas.


Questions to Ask in the Discovery Process

An additional or organization should consider ISO certification in any of these fields if they believe that the application of a strategic and systematic approach can help improvement performance, efficiencies, and experiences. ISO standards do not dictate solutions, they provide a roadmap by which solutions can be selected and implemented in a more integrated, aligned fashion so that all efforts work toward the same goals.

So, in the case of all standards, the key question to ask is: does the current process work; i.e., is it yielding the desired experience, efficiencies, and outcomes?  If not, why not? If the answers reveal that the organization has an ad hoc, reactive approach to the issue, chances are they can achieve better results through the application of an ISO standard.

Support Tools

The Enterprise Engagement Advisors network is dedicated to providing an extensive library of tools, many of them free, than can help organizations apply a strategic and systematic approach to human capital issues.

Click here for a library of some of the most useful resources.

Click here to access ESM at, the ICEE’s official publication.

Referral Fee Structure

Contact ICEE for complete details on how ISO certified professionals and solution providers can benefit financially.

There is no cost to become a member of the Enterprise Engagement Advisors Network. Click here to join to keep up with the latest information about the field and special offers from engagement solution providers.


ISO 10018 quality people management standards.

ISO 30414 human capital reporting.

ISO 30409 knowledge management.

ISO 30405 recruitment.

ISO 10667 assessment.


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