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EGR International

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Founded: 1970

Unique Selling Benefits

EGR International Inc. is one of the founders of the enterprise engagement movement. We provide both high-level strategic support for organizations seeking to engage employees, distribution partners, and other key audiences, as well as tactical implementation support. Our unique benefits include:

  • A completely agnostic approach to designing and implementing engagement solutions.
  • A leader in 360-degree brand architecture to align all audiences.
  • A focus on return-on-investment measurement.
  • The ability to provide complete support for a holistic engagement strategy involving many tactics.
  • Strong internal data analytics capabilities to help guide strategy.
  • An inhouse creative, communications, and media service.
  • A highly flexible technology platform to help support almost any type of engagement tactic.

Referral Partner Program

EGR International supports the growing community of engagement advisors or solution providers whose clients may need a strategic or tactical engagement solution requiring a deep understanding of the client’s business, audience, and objectives, as well as inhouse technology, analytics, multi-media communications, events, rewards and recognition, or other engagement tactics.

Types of Organizations Served

EGR serves enterprises in almost every economic sector whose audience is large enough to require a strategic and systematic and ongoing engagement strategy and process.

Skills/Knowledge Required

A consultant or advisor in the field requires a solid understanding of organizational management; the concepts, strategies, and tactics of enterprise engagement, and should be able to conduct a discovery process identifying key client challenges, culture, audience characteristics, and other issues related to connecting audience actions to results.

Questions to Ask in the Discovery Process

The key is to understand what the organization is seeking to accomplish, the audience needed to accomplish the goal, and the tools and conditions they will need to accomplish them.

  • What is the client’s pressing area of need related to what audience?
  • What type of solutions are they considering and why?
  • What are the reasons for the performance gap and what does the client believe needs to be done?
  • What are the client’s current strategies and tactics for addressing the issue?
  • What has the organization tried in the past to address similar issues?
  • What would be an ideal outcome?

Support Tools

EGR International has a complete suite of sales and marketing support tools that can be customized to the needs of advisors.

Referral Fee Structure

EGR offers multiple ways for advisors to benefit financially for referring EGR to clients.


EGR International is a founding sponsor of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at since its inception in 2008.

EGR International is an official member of invitation-only the Forbes Agency Council.


Jenni Smith,

Vice President, Strategy and Business Intelligence