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Marketing Innovators

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Founded: 1978

Unique Selling Benefits

  • Decades of experience designing and implementing incentive and recognition programs for all audiences–customers, distribution partners, employees, etc.
  • Extensive inhouse resources for the management of large and complex programs.
  • Flexible technologies to address any type of audience.
  • Extensive experience with all types of non-cash rewards, including leading brands, gift cards, and individual travel options.
  • Decades of commitment to supporting industry research and organizations.
  • Experience with some of the world’s leading brands.




Referral Partner Program

Marketing Innovators welcomes referrals or other opportunities from other solution providers and independent advisors.

Types of Organizations Served

Marketing Innovators has experience supporting programs for some of the world’s largest organizations and provides world-class services to mid-size organizations as well.

Skills/Knowledge Required

A Marketing Innovators advisor should have a basic understanding of the incentive, recognition, and emerging engagement fields, and the role that non-cash rewards can play in incentive, recognition, and loyalty programs.


Questions to Ask in the Discovery Process

What is the objective of the program?

Does the organization have a clearly defined culture? If so, please describe it?

What type of solution does the client have in mind, if any?

What types of tactics has the organization used in the past?

What types of return on investment measures are important?

What is the size and nature of the audience?

What is the length of specified time, if any, for the campaign?


Support Tools

Marketing Innovators can provide complete sales and support tools, case studies, and assists at any stage with presentations or discovery processes with qualified prospects.

Referral Fee Structure

Marketing Innovators offers commissions or referral fees depending on the nature of the opportunity.


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