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Founded: 1973

Unique Selling Benefits

  • We drive high-value customer, patient and employee experience programs.
  • We have sophisticated experience and expert services.
  • We offer a unique combination of software, data and research science, deep vertical market expertise, and managed program services.
  • We are action oriented and continuously work to improve the actions organizations and their employees take to impact experiences and drive ROI.
  • We reward, educate, highly engage the growing number of consultants and agencies bringing complex, integrated solutions to their clients.
  • We recently offered a new crowd-sourced business referral platform for complex business-to-business solutions.
  • We have a strategic commitment to support the growing enterprise engagement community.

Mike Sinoway, Maritz CX CEO:  “Consultants and advisors are part of every large deal in our space. Other vendors would cut them out entirely, but we are the first to reward in real dollars by paying commissions on business, just like we would an in-house sales rep. This lets us innovate a new way to sell by breaking free from the traditional model of only paying commissions to full time, in-house sales teams. We invite all EEA Advisory members to use the portal to send MaritzCX referrals in the customer, employee or patient experience space.”

Referral Partner Program

The MaritzCX 1-2-10 Partner Referral program allows customer, employee and patient experience consultants, related businesses, value-added resellers, system integrators, solution providers, and individuals the opportunity to earn a commission for submitting prospects to MaritzCX.

It is one of the most innovative, and lucrative lead referral program in the industry, and it is simple to get rewarded

Sign-up to be a referral partner. Refer a prospect, make the introduction, and MaritzCX does the rest, so that personal and professional contacts get exactly what they need to meet their business: an experience management platform and research sciences from the experts in the industry.

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Types of Organizations Served

Large to very large enterprises/businesses in all industries: Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare, B2B, Travel & Hospitality, Energy & Utilities, Retail, Consumer Tech, Telecom, Insurance, and more.

Skills/Knowledge Required

Advisors assisting their clients with MaritzCX services should have knowledge in customer or employee experience or engagement; software and technology; data and security regulations and privacy; research sciences and analytics; behavioral sciences; industry nuances and marketplace expertise; project management; problem resolution, and customer service.

Support Tools

All referral partners receive access to our internal partner portal.

Click here for details on the referral program.

Click here for a video about the program.

Referral Fee Structure

Each qualifying referral can earn the referral partner: $1,000 U.S. for a qualified demo; $2,000 for achieving finalist status; 10% of first-year license fees if the sale is successful.


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