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Loyalty by Travel and Transport

Company Website: http://TravelandTransport/Loyalty

Founded: 1946

Unique Selling Benefits

Travel and Transport by Loyalty offers:

  • A robust, PCI-rewards platform featuring hundreds of brands and gift cards and thousands of rewards for any type of loyalty program.
  • A powerful technology for managing all aspects of a loyalty platform, and a quick start platform for surprise and delight and other types of spot reward programs for all audiences.
  • A deluxe concierge travel service for experiential rewards and gifts.
  • Certified Engagement Practitioners dedicated to bringing the best solutions to mid-size and large organizations.

Referral Partner Program

Travel and Transport can provide commissions and/or referral fees to advisors whose clients can benefit from our services.

Types of Organizations Served

Loyalty by Travel and Transport services both large and mid-size organizations seeking world-class loyalty program design, technology and reward solutions.

Our services are suited for organizations large enough to require or benefit from an online consumer loyalty solution.

Skills/Knowledge Required

Loyalty by Travel and Transport provides a full suite of loyalty services so advisors should be knowledge of the basic principles of customer loyalty, process design, and reward solutions.

Questions to Ask in the Discovery Process

What is the organization’s objectives and how would it measure results?

What type of customer loyalty does the organization run now, if any?

If yes, what is the return on investment or other results?  Is the organization satisfied with those results.

What is the nature of the organization’s products and services, average annual spend per year per customer, current retention rates or participation in any current loyalty programs?

What are the demographics of the audience?  Is it a business-to-business program, or business to consumer?

Support Tools

Loyalty by Travel and Transport has complete sales and marketing materials and can provide demonstrates of different types of programs.

Referral Fee Structure

Contact your Loyalty by Travel and Transport advisor for more details.


Loyalty by Travel and Transport employs two professionals with Certified Engagement Practitioner status.


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